About Movial

Movial is a global technology services company with deep user experience design and embedded Linux engineering expertise. Movial refines and accelerates how technologists and marketers realize, actualize and deliver paradigm-shifting products and services to connected consumers. Movial's user-centric design and precision engineered device software, cloud services and vertical system integration services generate revenue and inspire loyalty for industry leaders like Adobe, ARM, Ericsson, ST-Ericsson, Nokia, Orange, Telefónica, and Optimus. By designing and delivering highly intuitive and compelling user experiences across channels and connected devices, Movial is the trusted global source for enriching the quality of how people interact every day.

Why Movial?

Movial designs and engineers some of the world’s most cutting-edge devices, services and applications, as well as user experiences that meet end user needs and inspire customer loyalty. Movial helps create products that users can’t put down – by combining cutting-edge technologies with superior user interface designs Movial enables user experiences that exceed all expectations. Movial bridges the gap between end user expectations, what operators want to provide, and what device manufacturers can deliver today.