Mr. Lauri Vilamo
Executive Chairman
Lauri Vilamo is co-founder and Executive Chairman of Movial Corporation.

  Mr. Jon Molander
Jon Molander is co-founder and Director of Creative Services of Movial Corporation.

Mr. Jari Ala-Ruona
Jari Ala-Ruona is co-founder and chief executive officer (CEO) of Movial Corporation. Under his leadership, Movial has expanded its global business to become a leading, award-winning provider of IP Communications client software and creative Mobile Linux solutions for a broad range of operators and network equipment manufacturers.

Mr. Joakim Hedenstedt
Director of Sales and Marketing
Mr Hedenstedt is responsible for Movial's sales, business development and marketing activities. Mr. Hedenstedt has held executive positions in sales and marketing in companies like Texas Instruments and Mentor Graphics, bringing over 17 years of industry expertise to Movial.