Experience Engineering

Expert knowledge of precision engineering along with unrivaled design expertise and deep vertical integration skills enable Movial to deliver superior devices and services with the best possible user experience on any platform and hardware. Our design experts and precision engineers deliver immediate competitive differentiators on both user interface and hardware level.

Engineering Services – We deliver precision engineered, fully optimized solutions and services as well as skilled vertical system integration – all perfectly aligned with user-centric design.

Software Components – Some of the most important open source software components we work with are Gecko, WebKit, Scratchbox, Octopus and Browser D-Bus Bridge.

Linux Platforms – Choosing a Linux platform is a matter of finding the right tool for the task at hand. We can help you choose the right platform for your solution and integrate it to your hardware.


User Experience Design – From us you can get insight into your end user needs and motivation. We design and implement ingenious concepts, rapid prototypes and stunning user interfaces.

Movial IXS Browser – Movial IXS Browser improves usability and provides a consistent look and feel across devices. It enables a desktop-like browsing experience on virtually all Linux based devices.


“Movial helps bring intuitive and innovative mobile Internet experiences to our customers and, in turn, to consumers around the globe.”

Fred Cohen, Texas Instruments

"Movial not only delivers superb quality software, but also within budget and schedule. Furthermore, Movial has proven to be a very committed and skilled partner and I would highly recommend Movial.”

Valtteri Halla, Nokia Multimedia