Commercial Support for Snowball Developers

Movial offers commercial support services for companies developing solutions and products with Snowball. We can de-risk your project in all stages of product development and help you to differentiate and speed up time to market while decreasing your development costs.

Movial’s engineering and user experience design teams can help in all possible issues related to Snowball based device development, for example:
  • Consulting and software development services for porting your software application or solution to Snowball
  • Video and voice calling application integration
  • Driver integrations for touch screen, accelerometer, 3G/LTE modem etc.
  • WebKit browser integration and optimization
  • HTML5 application development and integration
  • User experience design for prototyping, user interface design etc.
  • Training for embedded Linux, Android, Qt/QML and UI design

  We design innovative and highly usable user interfaces that utilize the full potential of the software stack, as well as compelling user experiences, optimized for any form factor and screen size.

We accelerate development with rapid prototyping and fast transfer of design requirements to technical requirements, as well as punctual development of top-notch software and prompt solutions to all imaginable optimization and customization issues. We have the time-saving skillset and tools for smooth vertical device integration.

If you need help with your Snowball based device project, please contact us at to ask for more information or a quote.