Engineering Services

Movial’s talented engineers provide punctual development of top-notch software, expert architectural design and hardware selection, skilled graphics and hardware acceleration, and prompt solutions to all imaginable optimization and customization issues, as well as smooth vertical system integration. They remove unnecessary delays and costs by getting rid of bottlenecks, redundant changes and rework, and ensure that all high quality targets are met in
the end product or service.

System Integration – Whether you are integrating a new platform or a service, porting your own application or a 3rd party solution, we have the expertise to ensure that the project is completed on time, within budget, and meeting your needs.

Consulting – We make sure that your open source stack is efficient, stable and productive. We can evaluate your 3rd party suppliers and consult on projects and resourcing issues. Our experts help you create better devices and services.

Adobe AIR/FLASH ServicesMovial offers integration, optimization, testing and certification services for Adobe Air and Flash runtimes. We can deliver Flash pluging for various devices on multiple different chipsets and platforms. We can also broaden our customer’s application offering by integrating Adobe AIR 3.x to their application store.

– Learn from the pros. We offer a variety of embedded Linux training courses and user interface design courses, customized to your schedule, knowledge and skills. We guarantee the cutting edge content and learning flexibility.

From us you can get commercial support for your open source based solutions. You can rest assured that your open source deployment will be a smooth ride. Our Linux and open source experts help you secure your investment.


Android ServicesIntegrating Android to different hardware peripherals and porting applications to Android can pose many challenges. You can leverage our complete set of services for creating compelling devices and applications on Android.

Tizen Services
Leveraging our extensive experience in HTLM5 and embedded Linux, we offer unmatched design and engineering expertise for fast and easy commercialization of desirable devices and applications on Tizen.

iOS ServicesApple’s iOS is the world’s leading smart phone and tablet OS. Our service innovation, rapid prototyping, and development, implementation and porting of applications help customers get a presence in the iOS.

HTML5 ServicesWe are a long term HTML5 innovator on desktop and embedded web based operating systems. We help our customers with HTML5 service and interface development as well as cloud and embedded integration.

OpenGL/OpenGL ES ServicesWe have been an OpenGL/Open GL ES proponent and technology consultant for years. Our OpenGL services speed up the creation of next generation multimedia devices, services and applications.

Qt Services – Movial is a Qt Certified Partner. We have all the necessary skills for delivering a full project from user interface and interaction design and implementation to enabling hardware peripherals and graphics acceleration on Linux platforms.

"Movial experts know the mobile Internet experience inside and out"

Mike Inglis, ARM