Adobe Flash Services

Movial has been working directly with Adobe Systems for several years in the implementation, integration and optimization of Flash and Air runtimes and is one of Adobe's Scaling Partners.

Movial offers integration, optimization, testing and certification services for Adobe Flash and Air runtimes. We have years of implementation experience with Flash and Air on mobile platforms, beginning with a commercial ready implementation of Flash 9 for a Tier 1 provider and Air 2.5 on a Linux platform.

Movial can integrate Flash and Air runtimes on various devices – including, for example handsets, netbooks, media phones, connected TVs and in-vehicle infotainment systems – on multiple different chipsets and platforms.


Additionally, we can provide the following related work items:

  • Optimizations/acceleration of internet browsing and other components
  • Graphics acceleration
  • Hardware accelerated video decoding and graphics rendering enablement
  • Maintenance and support
  • Certification of browser engines other than the default OS browser.

“Having a scaling partner like Movial means that chip and mobile platform vendors have a reliable, expert team at hand to support their optimization and hardware acceleration needs to bring the performance and new features of Flash Player 10.1 to market as quickly as possible,” said Anthony Haag, director of business development, Open Screen Project at Adobe."