Android Services

Movial Android Services are designed to help device manufacturers develop compelling devices and port applications to Android. We can help speed integration of the whole Android device – from hardware to software and specific device peripherals, to helping select right applications to port and providing custom UI design to deliver highly usable and differentiated products.

Integrating Android to different hardware peripherals and porting applications to Android can pose many challenges to device manufacturers. Movial experts can provide the integration from low level drivers to top level applications for a complete Android system or a specified feature. We can also help to upgrade or backport between different Android versions to help our customer to survive Android fragmentation.

Movial's Android track record includes

  • GSM and CDMA Android projects
  • Android upgrades and backports
  • Android UI customizations
  • Extensive experience in passing Google CTS and Android Monkey Test
  • Passing an US operator lab entry and UT
  • Technical management and project management expertise in Android phone projects
  • Helping an ODM customer to build an Android project team
  • Integrating mass scale SIP/IMS functionality to Android, including re-writing of critical communications drivers
  • Porting Adobe Flash Player 10.1 and AIR 2.5 to Android.

Movial is a member of the ARM Solution Center for Android (SCA), a collaborative resource for designers and developers of ARM technology-based products running on Android. Although an ARM SCA member, Movial can support also x86 based systems.

Movial's Android specializations

  • Graphics acceleration on Android and ARM/Android device integration
  • UI design optimization for differentiated UIs
  • Solutions for device specific problems and porting issues
  • Flash 10 and AIR 2.5 enablement and certification on both system-on-chip hardware platforms and end-user devices
  • Android upgrades and backports
  • Addition of new native services to the Android platform
  • Integration of IMS, RCS clients, VoIP and customer branded video calling to Android
  • Integration of HW peripherals.
You can leverage our Android Services for creating innovative and highly differentiated devices and porting value-added applications to Android.


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