Qt Services

Movial has advanced knowledge of the Qt application and user interface framework and is a Qt Certified Partner. Developers can rely on us for Qt Services including Qt/QML performance analysis, customization and optimization, application and widget development, hardware integration, consulting and training.

Our skilled personnel have all the necessary skills for delivering a full project from user interface and interaction design and implementation to enabling hardware peripherals and graphics acceleration on Linux platforms.

Movial's Qt specializations

  • Qt/QML performance analysis
  • Qt/QML customization and optimization
  • Qt WebKit and Qt WebKit based web runtime
  • Qt/QML widgets and custom widget development
  • Qt/QML application development
  • 2D/3D OpenGL/Open GL ES
  • Device specific acceleration of Qt rendering pipeline (X11/QWS)
  • Qt/QML hardware integration.

Movial’s expertise in Qt includes using Qt’s styling support and extendibility for example to transform plain mobile device UIs into graphically rich experiences.

With Qt WebKit our developers can improve the usability and eye candy appeal for various connected devices. They can also use device specific acceleration of the Qt rendering pipeline for speeding up common tasks such as web browsing and for enabling rich graphical effects and novel UIs.

Movial designers and engineers have extensive experience in Qt/QML application and widget development for numerous form factors including mobile phones, Internet tablets, smart- and netbooks, as well as various industrial and recreational devices.

Movial experts can help you in all Qt/QML design, development and integration issues.

Do you need help with your Qt/QML project?
Please contact us at info@movial.com.