System Integration

Creation of compelling devices and money making services is all about making everything run smoothly together. This is where Movial System Integration Services step in. Our experts make everything from chips to services operate seamlessly together, and enable superior user experiences for your customers.

Application Integration
Porting applications to new devices presents both a usability and a technical challenge due to variations between different Linux platforms and device designs. Movial experts are familiar with all aspects of application integration. Whether you are integrating your own applications or third party solutions such as Flash or Skype, Movial is the right partner for the job.

Service Integration
We believe that the value of a device lies in the services enabled on it. Movial can create completely new custom services and integrate them to your existing devices, or take your existing services and extend them across new devices. We integrate services such as Facebook and YouTube to mobile devices, and bring services to various consumer electronic devices, like SMS to set-top box.


Linux Platform Integration
Movial's expert design engineers have the
capability and expertise to take Linux platforms such as Android , Tizen or Ubuntu, and make
them run smoothly on your hardware. We have long-term experience in enabling different
peripherals on a variety of Linux systems which gives us the confidence to promise that we can
bring life to your hardware.

"Global chip and mobile platform vendors have come to rely on Movial's Systems Integration Services," said Anthony Haag, director of business development, Open Screen Project at Adobe."