Tizen Services

Movial leverages its extensive experience in web technologies and HTML5, as well as its domain proficiency in embedded Linux to offer immediate and unmatched design and engineering expertise for fast and easy commercialization of compelling, customized devices and applications on Tizen.

Movial's Tizen Services include:

  • Prototyping
  • UI optimization and custom UI design on Tizen
  • Graphic acceleration
  • HTML5 application development and porting to Tizen
  • Integration of IMS, RCS clients, VoIP and video calling to Tizen
  • Addition of new native services to the Tizen platform
  • Solutions to hardware specific problems and porting issues
  • Optimizing Flash based runtimes on Tizen
  • Tizen/hardware integration and optimization
  • Integration of HW peripherals.

As an HTML5 based open platform, Tizen provides very interesting opportunities for operators and device manufacturers looking to develop new, innovative and differentiated next generation devices and applications.

Movial is a long-term HTML5 innovator and has been working with browser based user interface technologies and web runtimes already since 2008. The company is also a mobile Linux pioneer with extensive expertise in user experience design.

Operators and device manufacturers requiring Tizen design, development and/or integration support need look no further than Movial’s highly skilled designers and engineers; they have the know-how and expertise to deliver on all aspects of Tizen based device and application development.

Do you need help with your Tizen project?
Please contact us at info@movial.com.