Movial Media Phones

IP Communications innovation services

The most important aspects for the successful adoption of IP Communications services are ease of use, attractiveness, functionality, and reliability. Key factors for success for devices that are part of the IP Communications service are user experience, full integration of software into device capabilities and interoperability with network equipment vendors. Movial can assist to create full device or libraries, custom components and interfaces. Movial brings its user experience, Linux / Android / IOS / Windows Phone software and IMS stack experts and solutions to rapidly unify and integrate presence. Let us be your partner in innovative IP communication services, from user experience to prototypes to end user services.


  • Movial approach simplifies and speeds up the development and deployment of new IP Communication devices and services
  • Experienced client integration partner. IP Communications and IMS are complex and Movial as one the world's most experienced client integrators to IMS and IP networks
  • Reach new devices like Android and Linux based phones, tablets, fixed line devices or Televisions
  • Create compelling Android, IOS and Windows Phone IP Communications apps
  • Rapidly show new prototypes to your management with new technologies like WebRTC


Case examples
  • T-Mobile Wi-Fi calling and IMS stack (
  • WebRTC between Browser and Android TV and tablets/phone
  • Location sharing with Google Maps and GPS using SIP/SIMPLE between PC and mobile for a mobile phone operator
  • Motion detection that trigger events using SIP/SIMPLE
  • Music sharing application with an IMS Application vendor
  • Android based fixed line tablet (720p 30fps / MMTel)
  • Video conferencing on TV (VGA 30 fps via STB / MMTel)
  • Video calling on Android smart phones (VGA 20-30 fps with IMS AKA auth and 3GPP and no client application to install)
  • Innovation services to an operator customer to create a web based voice and video conference application where end user does not have to remember his pin codes or dial-in numbers
  • Concept validation of mobile video conferencing device that connects to the TV
  • Improvements to the user experience of Video Conference service across devices for an operator customer using Telepresence products from number of vendors
  • Acoustic echo cancellation, jitter, error concealment, noise suppression etc. implementations and NEON optimizations of voice / video codecs and AEC algorithms