Linux Platforms

Movial has been deeply involved with mobile Linux market since 2001. We have the perspective and expertise to evaluate all currently available Linux platforms. Choosing a Linux platform is a matter of finding the right tool for the task at hand. Movial experts can help you evaluate which platform is the right one for your purpose, and integrate the chosen platform to your hardware.

Already back in 2004 Movial started integrating Java to embedded Linux systems – a trend that continues in Android today. Integrating Android to different hardware peripherals and porting existing applications to Android pose many challenges to device manufacturers. Movial offers a complete set of services for development of compelling devices and applications on Android.

Chrome OS
With a long-term background in enabling different Linux platforms on multiple chipsets and over 3 years of experience in Web UI development on top of Linux, Movial is happy to see Chrome OS as one of the next steps in Linux evolution. We have the competencies needed for integrating Chrome OS to different hardware configurations and for developing new services and applications on top of it. Movial is the systems integrator of choice for Chrome OS.


With extensive experience in web technologies, HTML5,
embedded Linux and user experience design, Movial has
the expertise to help in all aspects of Tizen based device
development. Operators and device manufacturers looking
to develop innovative devices and applications on Tizen
need look no further than our highly skilled designers and
engineers. We offer Tizen Services for fast
commercialization of competitive solutions on Tizen.

Converged Linux
For the past 8 years Movial has been working with several
X11 based Linux solutions such as Maemo, ALIP and
Ubuntu. We have been doing hardware integration,
application development, user interface design, and
platform development for all the mentioned Linux platforms.
Ranging from low-end embedded devices to netbooks and
set-top boxes, Movial has extensive experience in
streamlined device development on top of converged Linux