Free Drop Innovations GameBook

Movial designed Free Drop Innovations a full software solution for a hybrid golf gaming system that works seamlessly on three separate
  • Mobile Linux device
  • Desktop PC Windows application
  • Internet portal

“Movial delivered a complete solution that enables seamless synchronization of the game data directly across all the platforms and the device”, said Mikko Rantanen, CEO, Free Drop Innovations Ltd.

“Movial succeeded well in the challenging project and we are satisfied with the end result.”


When designing the Mobile Linux device used for entering and analysing the results on the golf-field, Movial's designers were facing an exceptional situation. The device's usage context was limited to one specific place (a golf-field). The interaction flow with the device was strictly guided by the rules of the game, not by the tasks that the user would be performing impulsively.

Knowing these facts Movial chose usage efficiency as one of the major design aims. Based on the customer feedback it can be said that Movial succeeded with flying colours.


Movial's strong experience of various mobile hardware and operating systems made it quick
and easy to design a whole new user interface.

The design work was done at the customer's premises in order to get instant feedback and answers to questions. This resulted in a quick
and smooth project without time-consuming misunderstandings and communication errors.