Satel Satellar Radio Modem

Satel Satellar Radio Modem

Satellar radio modem provides digital data transfer independent of mobile or satellite networks, making it a cost-effective and reliable data communication solution for various industry needs. When the UI design project started Satel had a clear idea of the device's features and users.

Together with Satel, Movial's designers first held a workshop with the actual target users to hear about their needs, and to learn about the real usage situations. After the workshop Movial designers defined the user experience targets and use cases to be used as the basis of the design work.

Once the conceptual design started, it became apparent that the designers had to solve one of the most common conflicts in the human-computer interaction design while the device itself was highly technical by nature, its users were not.


Movial provided a solution by utilizing usage conventions and information hierarchies which were already familiar to the users from their mobile phones.

After several iteration rounds with information hierarchy models and user interface wireframes Movial produced a fully functional prototype using GTK+. With this prototype Movial's designers could verify that the user experience and usability targets were met, and that the main use cases were supported in an efficient manner.

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