Interaction Design Services

During the past 6 years millions of people have been touched by user interfaces designed by Movial. Some have encountered us on their mobile device, some online, some using a desktop application, and some in electronics embedded in their living environment.

During these encounters our designs have created new business and better return on investment for our customers. And we have learned during these years that it takes solid methods and proven processes to succeed.


Our interaction design work always starts from understanding our customer and the end user. We work from early design concepts and refine them to tangible information architectures and interaction flows.

Thorough ground work enables us to create application interfaces that meet both our customers' and the end users' needs. Our solid experience in UI specification work for multiple platforms also ensures that the implementation of our designs is a breeze.

  • Conceptual design From great ideas to tangible concepts
  • Information architecture design A well designed information architecture enables intuitive and efficient user interfaces
  • User interface design Elaborate user interface design is at the heart of a positive user experience
  • UI specifications Great designs need easy to implement, top-notch UI specifications
  • Interactive prototypes When you want to try your concepts out for real