Research and Testing Services

Designing without knowing the user is like flying a plane without knowing where to land. Maybe you'll get lucky and find a suitable airstrip or a field to land on. But can you really take the chance of getting into the air with your new service or product, without knowing exactly who you are targeting?

  Movial user research services help you understand your end user needs so that your product or service hits the target. User research can be conducted at all phases of development – starting from evaluating an early concept to conducting a mass test for an already deployed product.

  • Service blueprinting Get an overview of your service touch points
  • Service usability audit Full visibility to the service as the users see it
  • Background research Know your target users and their expectations
  • Expert user interface evaluation Get an independent evaluation and recommendations quickly and cost-efficiently
  • Usability testing Don’t let your product fail because you didn’t test it with real target users
Movial evaluated the mobile version of Mozilla Firefox in 2009.

Firefox mobile