User Centered Experience Engineering

Movial is a global software engineering and design services company specializing in mobile and embedded devices, with expertise in multimedia and communications systems, and capable in OS, driver and application layers.

Thermal imaging for Seek Thermal

We helped Seek Thermal design and develop the state of art thermal imaging that turns your smart phone into a thermal camera.

Android iOS
Seek Thermal case photo

WiFi Calling

We’ve designed and engineered multiple WiFi Calling services that provides the user with capabilities to make voice calls, send MMS, SMS through IMS with native applications including 911 calls over WiFi.

Our WiFi calling solution also has 3 way calling and call forwarding support, and integrates to the native phone and messaging applications. User can make voice calls, send MMS, SMS through IMS with native applications.

Windows Phone Android
WiFi Calling case photo

Sailfish Launcher for Jolla

We've helped Jolla Mobile to engineer a new mobile concept based on the Sailfish OS and UI, targeted for existing Android devices. The Jolla Launcher will be available as a downloadable Android application and is engineered to closely follow the Sailfish user experience paradigm given the constraints imposed by the Android platform.

The Jolla Launcher will give users a preview of the Sailfish OS experience and will enable Jolla to expand their addressable target market to all current Android device users.

Jolla case photo
Tellybean case photo


We helped Tellybean to create an easy and affordable service that turns any TV – old or new – into a video phone.

Our engagement included UX and competitive benchmarking, Nvidia Tegra/Linux, Android/ARM, Media framework porting and development, WebRTC and Skype development as well as java backend code refactoring.

The service is suitable for the whole family, with special attention paid to elderly users who are not comfortable with complex user interfaces or a variety of smart devices.


Sandvik Mining is a leading global supplier of equipment and tools, service and technical solutions for the mining industry. We designed and developed custom embedded Linux platform components as well as analyzed performance of different graphical user interfaces to be used on industrial computers (ARM / Freescale i.MX) in some of world's most demanding environments.

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Our Expertise

Internet of Things and Embedded

Cloud connected smart devices with or w/o screens and sensors to process information. Custom Linux platform development and porting for embedded devices.

RTC and Media

IMS and WebRTC solutions for real time communications. Solution includes pre-built components for IMS, visual voicemail and media handling for Wi-Fi calling and custom IR.94 apps on Android and WP8


Secure mobile, embedded and cloud application development. Trust builds on secure elements, root of trust, encryption, signed code and secure storage. Deep knowledge of all aspects of device design, operator integration and secure communication. Solution includes pre-built components for anti-fraud and anti-theft.

Custom Applications and Systems

Applications and systems for business critical use built on understanding of the end user needs. Solution tools include HTML5, native and hybrid tech on client and use state of the art server technology hosted on AWS or Azure

Insight and Design

We help frame thinking around the service potential. We provide expertise for research, concept development, design and service improvement.


Efficient prototypes utilizing the full potential of the software stack describes the dos and don’ts for the concept, and as well uncovers any unknown factors that could prevent the product and service system from being a success. Prototyping turns a concept into a visually pleasing, tangible service.

Experience Engineering

With our expert knowledge in Linux, HTML5, Android, iOS and Windows we help to engineer the best possible performance coupled with unrivalled design expertise. We provide senior consultancy for SW development to de-risk projects for uncompromised target performance.